Dell Adds Colors, Webcams, Fingerprint Readers To Inspiron Notebooks, Kills Dimension Brand

Congratulations Dell on catching up with the rest of the notebook-manufacturing industry. While others like Sony, Toshiba and HP — hell, even Acer and Lenovo — have been trotting out options like multiple color choices, built-in Webcams, mobile wireless broadband and fingerprint readers in their consumer notebooks for at least a year, you’re finally getting around to it with the new Inspiron 1420, 1520/21 and 1720/21 and the XPS m1330. Good on ya! (To be fair, Dell has offered some of these options on select laptops, but this is the first time they are offering them across the line.)

Oh, Dell also killed the Dimension desktop brand, opting instead to use the formerly notebook-only brand Inspiron to denote both laptops and desktops for the common folk and using the XPS brand for their higher-end performance-oriented computers, which they’ve been doing for some time now.