iPhone Will Be Activated By iTunes

Call it convenience or call it more fiddling to do, but make sure you call it Apple’s final decision. Lucky iPhone owners will have to come home and sync their iPhone with iTunes in order to activate it.

Now normally I’d say this would be an annoying process that Apple should have dumped on AT&T, though when you think about it, the iPhone is also a music and video player as well, so it makes perfect sense for you to sync it with iTunes. Your videos of “Lost” and “Grey’s Anatomy” are all there, along with all those Billy Idol albums you ripped last week. Surely you want them all on your new, shiny iPhone.

The above video will show you just how easy it is to setup and activate your iPhone. Doesn’t look harder than learning how to operate the phone’s touchscreen. According to Jobs, it’ll sync just like an iPod, making it easy for anyone who has ever owned one.

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