Sony To Offer In-Store Tech Support

The next time you cruise by the Sony Style store at your local mall, you may find people waiting in line with PS3s, VAIOs, and Walkmen. Don’t be alarmed, as they’re simply there trying out Sony’s new in-store tech support service. Dubbed “Backstage”, this service will be available in NYC and NJ Sony Style stores and certainly resembles Apple’s Genius Bar setup. Owners of Sony electronics can come in for a repair, replacement, or diagnosis if there is a problem with a device.

VAIO owners will be able to receive data transfers, upgrades, PC buying advice and much more from employees working at Backstage. Even your out-of-warranty MiniDisc player can be repaired for a price. Sony says that by the end of 2007, 15 stores will have Backstage ready for customers.

Sony follows Apple’s lead with in-store support [Electronista]