U.S. Internet Speeds Stink on Ice Compared to Rest of World


Like our very own Peter Ha pointed out, do we really need a USA Today article to tell us that U.S. Internet speeds are terrible? According to a report conducted by the Communications Workers of America, U.S. Internet speeds are “pathetic” compared to the rest of the world. Right now, the median U.S. download speed is 1.97 megabits per second; Japan’s is 61 megabits per second, Canada’s is 7 megabits per second and France—my God, France!—has speeds of 17 megabits per second.

Interestingly, the FCC defines broadband as 200 kilobits per second, which is disgusting. I guess I’m not surprised, especially since the very same telecos that supply our broadband are anti-Net Neutrality. Fine way of doing business.

U.S. Net access not all that speedy [USA Today]