Why Xbox Live Costs $50


I, and many others like me, pay $50 per year for the privilege of hearing 12-year-olds curse and wish bad things upon my family while playing on Xbox Live. But why am I paying $50 for this when I can do the same on a PC for free? Says a member of the Xbox Community Team:

… it goes back to this unified system. We have to have voice communication, text communication, now we’re doing cross-platform. There’s Marketplace, there are demos, and all these things don’t just mystically hover around that you can pull them out of the ether

Though a PR rep later added that people seeing nothing odd about paying $100 per month for cable, so what’s the big fuss about paying $50 per year? He does have a point: $50 per year pretty much rounds down to $0 for me, but it really is just the idea of paying that upsets me. Call me a grumpy old, I don’t care.

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