Belkin Ushers in New Era of Advanced Mouse-based Technology

Belkin Washable Mouse and Mouse TrapDirty mouse? You’ve tried scrubbing, bleaching, even burning the dirt away — but nothing seems to work!

Introducing Belkin’s Washable Mouse. Take an ordinary mouse, make it water-resistant and slap a $30 price tag on it and you have a mouse that can be cleaned in your the sink. Oh, and it “works on many household surfaces, including upholstery and wood.” The mouse, not the cleaning.

And you wouldn’t be caught dead carrying your new Belkin Washable Mouse around in your hands, would you? These days it seems that even ordinary backpacks, purses and backpacks that turn into purses aren’t fit to carry such precious cargo. If only there were some sort of mouse pad-like device that zipped up around your mouse, creating a protective, but flexible satchel. Enter the Belkin Mouse Trap, a mouse-pad like device that zips up around your mouse, creating a protective, but flexible satchel “perfect for moving from your bed to the couch to the dining room table.”

My friends, we are living in the golden age of mousing technology. Remember these years forever.

New Belkin Washable Mouse Endures Spills and Stays Clean

Carry and Store Your Mouse with the Belkin Mouse Trap