CEA: 1/3 of US Households to be HD by Next Year

hdtv2.jpgSo now that we’re almost exactly half-way through 2007, it’s time to start looking at the holiday shopping season. While iPhones and new Zunes and stuff will get most of the attention, the Consumer Electronics Association has pointed out that it expects 16 million HDTVs will be sold this year, putting the percentage of households with HDTVs at 36% by the beginning of next year. That’s a significant number.

If over 1/3 of us are watching HDTVs, then the carriers are going to start giving us more HD content, and that is a good thing. One of the only real disadvantages to HDTV right now is the dearth of Hi-Def video that cable and satellite operators give us. More is better.

The time will come soon when almost everything we watch will be in HD, and it will be glorious. Anything taking us a step closer is welcome news.

36% of U.S. to have HDTV by 2008 [ministryoftech]