Google Picasa Goes Mobile and Goes Local (What?)


Google rolled out two new features for its Picasa (think Flickr, only by Google) online photo sharing site yesterday, both of which are useful for showing your friends just how crazy and unpredictable your life is. The first allows you to tag your photos with the location of where they were taken. Then, when sharing the photo album online with your friends, they’ll see all the photos on a Google Map, just like this .

Google has also launched a version of Picasa specifically designed for cellphones. This version adapts itself to the small screen and uses the phone’s built-in Web browser. Apparently, BlackBerry users, soulless beings that they are, may have to adjust their browser settings to get Picasa to display properly. Serves ’em right.

You know, as I type this, I’m using the whole gamut of Google apps: Google Docs, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Reader. I’ll be testing out the Picasa client in just a bit, expecting it to be as solid as the rest of the company’s widgets. ‘Cause if it’s not…

Put your photos on a map, and Picasa on your phone [Google Blog]