Movavi Launches Online Video Converter

MovaviRussian-born Movavi today released an online video converter, joining the ranks of Media-Convert, Zamzar, Hey!Watch and who-knows-how-many other free, online video-converting sites.

The kicker is that Movavi supports Apple’s advanced H.264 format, the same format used on the iPhone. So converting videos to take with you on the go “should” be relatively painless. For now, this is a good leg-up for Movavi, but don’t expect it to last too long as other sites will undoubtedly add H.264 support if they haven’t already.

The kicker to the kicker is that Movavi also provides embeddable HTML widgets for you to use on your own personal site, which is either cool or a non-issue depending on how sweet your MySpace page looks and/or which version of FrontPage you use.