Vista-Only Game Gets XP-ified

Shadowrun Box

FASA Studio’s Shadowrun has been hacked to run on XP, despite being a Vista-only title. Microsoft has been pushing its new DirectX 10 gaming architecture to get people to upgrade to Vista in order to play the newest games.

Problem is, most of the new games are still running on DirectX 9 – Shadowrun and Halo 2 included. Microsoft has pigeonholed these games into the Vista-only category, creating a fine case of nerd-rage amongst gamers still running XP. Hacking group Razor 1911 takes a pebble to Microsoft’s forehead with the release of a cracked version of Shadowrun, set to run on XP. Could Halo 2 be next?

Vista-only game cracked to run on XP [Ars Technica]