iPhone Activation and Credit Check Information

iPhone leaked documentsThe Boy Genius has gotten his grubby, child-like paws on an internal AT&T memo stating that employees must offer to pre-qualify customers’ credit before activating the iPhone.

If your credit’s in the tank, you’ll have to pay a $250 security deposit. Trouble is, you can’t activate the iPhone in store and if you fail the credit check, you can’t pay the $250 over the phone. You have to return to the store.

If you get all bent out of shape about the $250 security deposit and decide to take your money elsewhere, you’ll be taking exactly 90 percent of it elsewhere because they’re gonna charge a big fat 10 percent restocking fee on open iPhones.

As an alternative, if you fail the credit check, AT&T will supposedly offer you the chance to use the iPhone on a prepaid basis as a Go Phone.

Full article plus links to the leaked document at The Boy Genius Report…

AT&T Internal Apple iPhone documents leaked… [Boy Genius Report]