iPhone Round-up

I was tired of hearing about the iPhone weeks ago. Nevertheless, the march towards 6pm goes on. The folks at our sister site are working feverishly to get you every single possible angle on people waiting in lines. Just kidding. There’s more to their coverage than that. Check out all the iPhone news on CrunchGear. Highlights include Playboy’s new backgrounds for the mobile gadget (’cause god knows you need porn on the go) and the mayor of Philadelphia who left his spot on line when someone asked him about the city’s murder rate.

Personally, I plan to hide under a rock at 6pm. The constant coverage on the Internet about Apple’s new gizmo is long past the ‘overboard’ stage. When is enough enough? The iPhone isn’t ending world hunger. It’s a gadget. Is it big news for the mobile and consumer electronics industries? Yes. But the 24/7 level of coverage is unwarranted.

I think what bothers me most as a native New Yorker is that some of my own kindred are waiting in line too. New Yorkers are supposed to be savvier than this, no? We’re supposed to be more jaded by hype because we’re exposed to it everyday. It’s hard to keep projecting my air of cultured, metropolitan superiority when so many of my cohorts are acting like technopop lemmings.