They Have iPhones In Seattle, Too?

There’s no raining on iDay! No raining!

A high-end product launch just isn’t a high-end product launch without getting the point of view of the man-on-the-street. So I’m doing just that. Watch this spot throughout the evening as we upload YouTube video live from the scene in Seattle, where NW nerds are lined up to be the first in line to get The Thing.

And if you’re in the Seattle area, come join the fun and meet Yours Truly and some other nerds getting our dork on. We’re at the Capitol Hill AT&T store. Love it.

It’s ON!!! One at a time, please, one at a time.

Click on for more video coverage of the Seattle launch of the Apple iPhone.

Dearly beloved…

My, my, that’s a nice long line.

You know what I don’t get? There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of the iPhone, so why exactly do people think they’re going to be able to unload them?