EXCLUSIVE: Transformers Footage from Last Night's Screening

An anonymous tipster has given CrunchGear exclusive leaked footage of Transformers. We’re not sure where he/she/it got the footage, but it’s plain as day. This is the real deal. The lengthy video was taken at the end of the major battle scene and includes Bumble Bee, Megatron and Optimus Prime. The short snippet is the very end of the movie with Optimus Prime. The audio track is a little hard to hear, but just crank it up and you can hear some ‘transformer’ sound effects. He/She/It also told us that Apple dropped some coin for product placement in the movie that included MacBook Pros and a boat load of Cinema Displays. Nokia also made an appearance with their very own “Japanese Decepticon,” Dialtone. Umm, Nokia is Finnish, so wtf?! We didn’t understand the “Japanese Decepticon” part, either. And there was something about ‘Mojo’ and painkillers. When we asked the tipster what device was used he/she/it told us it was taken with a Helio Ocean.

Thanks, Tipster!

We’re having technical problems with the audio track and it should be up shortly.