iPhone Gets Put Through The Wringer

Many of you, myself included, probably thought the iPhone wasn’t up to the challenge of daily use and abuse. The glass screen just screams scratches galore, right? PC World put their iPhone to a scratch and drop test. I think the results will astonish you because I sure didn’t expect the results they received.

The first was a scratch test that pitted the iPhone against a bag of keychains that was vigorously shaken about. Scratches? Not a single one. They then took keys directly to the screen to scratch and gouge it till the cows came home. Still no scratches. So far so good. Surprised? Me too!

The real test has to be the drop. Most phones can handle one or two low altitude drops, but a drop from the side of your face is the end of the road. At least that’s what I thought. PC World dropped their precious from waist high onto a carpeted floor. No problem there. Most phones can handle such a drop without skipping a beat. The next drop was from chest high onto a linoleum floor. Kept going, no problem. The battery could pop out at this point, but chances are the phone will still work. The next test is the real deal. A drop from head height onto a concrete sidewalk. Oh Noes!!! Not a concrete sidewalk? That will surely end the life of any phone. Not true. Minus a few scratches on the shiny metal, the iPhone wasn’t affected in anyway.

So what have we learned so far? It doesn’t seem like the iPhone’s shiny multi-touch screen can be scratched and that is a HUGE plus. And it can withstand the clumsiness of most owners. You shouldn’t drop it excessively just because, but you can relax when it takes a tumble once or twice. I guess congratulations are in order, but it’s only the second day.

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