Wishpot: Social Shopping Goes Mobile

wishpot.pngSocial shopping site Wishpot went mobile this week with a product that seeks to extend social shopping to the bricks and mortar world.

Mobile support with Wishpot allows users to save and share all “interesting things” they find by sending a text message or picture to Wishpot from their mobile phone. When online, users can later view saved items, research prices, view ratings and reviews, ask friends for opinions or share recommendations.

This ability to easily save, research and recommend products is an interesting offering, although there must be some level of irony in extending the concept of “social shopping” to the offline world; I would have thought friends would fill that social void in a local mall.

Wishpot competes in the same space as Kaboodle, Stylehive, Yahoo Shoposphere, Zlio and MyPickList.

If you’re a shopaholic who loves a good brand and telling everyone about it, you’ll probably like Wishpot.