"Hackers" Gets The Steampunk Treatment

Ye shall hack thy Gibson, doth

Spotted over on BoingBong today, someone with a lot of free time and a keen sense of humor re-did the entire script of Hackers in steampunk speak. It’s called “Clockers” and here’s a sample that will make those familiar with “Hackers” laugh:

I think I know who the pernicious creator is.

What? Who?

Ellington’s security moll. I… I gave her a copy of the plans you gave me.

Fie! Mr Murphy!

I didn’t know what was on it!

Oh man. That’s universally stupid, man!

Yo, you are a right magsman, man.

It’s too good to pass up, so make sure you set aside five minutes to read some of it. Hit the link below for the full script. I’m so throwing on the DVD of “Hackers” on repeat for the day.

“Clockers” Script [Xorph via BoingBoing]