HD DVD Not Dead, Not Even Close Says Toshiba


HD DVD ain’t dead yet, no matter what Peter and his interviewees say. Toshiba had a press dealie Thursday that essentially pimped its HD DVD players and Regza HDTVs. (To be honest, I don’t give a damn who wins the high-def optical disc wars, so I’ll happily play each camp against each other until Hell freezes over.) I will say that the ability to upgrade its players’ firmware was a clever maneuver by Toshiba and the upcoming HD DVD release of 300 should inject some much-needed life into HD DVD sales. We weren’t allowed to take pictures during its presentation, but expect features like on-screen picture-in-picture, with the PIP version showing battle scenes before the many blue screen magic tricks were applied.

So let this war play out a little while more, kiddos, before we go around declaring winners.