myCharger Powers Your iPhone, iPod and Other Mobile Phones


Traveling tech geeks will understand the anguish I go through when I travel with all my gadgets. It’s bad enough that I travel around with three phones, a laptop, an iPod and digital camera, but add the chargers for all that and it ends up being a complete clusterf*ck and the few extra pounds make a big difference. The Tekkeon myCharger might not reduce the weight and clutter altogether, but it sure will eliminate a couple chargers for those business folks who have multiple phones. The myCharger is a portable, USB power adapter with retractable prongs and comes with several adapters to meet most of your mobile phone needs.

The package includes the USB power adapter, retractable USB cable, mini-USB cable, LG adapter tip, two Nokia adapter tips, Samsung and Sony-Ericsson adapter tips. In case you’re some crazy type who owns an iPhone and iPod, the myCharger has you covered. Just plug in via USB and you’ll be charging in no time. You can also purchase additional adapter tips for 5V devices like your PDA, PMP, MP3 player, Bluetooth headset and an international travel pack. All this can be yours for only $24.95. Get yours while supplies last!

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