SimpleDrive Portable Hard Drive Designed by Pininfarina (They Design Ferraris)


Fabrik has announced that shipments of its 250GB SimpleTech SimpleDrive have begun. Ferarri’s own design firm, Pininfarina, has designed a stylish and rugged portable drive that needs no external power, utilizes USB 2.0, runs at 5,400rpm with 8MB cache AND comes with 2GB of free storage on SimpleTech SimpleDrive portable drives are available in colors and capacities that include sapphire (80GB), onyx (120GB), red (160GB) and the new charcoal gray (250GB) and they begin shipping this month. Prices range from $99 for the 80GB to $199 for the 250GB.

Pininfarina also designed a line of larger, external hard drives for SimpleTech with capacities from 160GB to 1TB.

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