Fox News Camera Crew Gets Out Of Line

I don’t want to put too much personal commentary into this one so I’ll leave it to you guys to sound off in the comments. Reader Owen sent us this video of a mascot from handing out pins and collecting donations for a charity on the day of the iPhone launch in NYC. However, good things suddenly turn bad as some asshole from Fox News berates the poor guy for being in his shot. The Fox News guy completely flips, uses excessive foul language, and then gets the cops to threaten him with jail-time. This is a guy working for a charity, mind you.

Fox News should absolutely hear about this occurrence. I suggest sending them a link to the video demanding an explanation. I don’t care what your news channel broadcasts – there’s no excuse for an employee of yours being a dick.

UPDATE: From the YouTube post: “The guy came over later when we were across the street and apologized, he said he was just following orders. One subtitle contains an expletive that was not uttered during the encounter. There were many tv and radio stations broadcasting from that corner. A few minutes before this occurred Hungrr was speaking with a guy from Bloomberg News who was set up there and broadcasting from the very same spot in front of the NBC truck. We then saw someone setting up some gear with a Fox News sticker on it and mistakenly thought these guys were from Fox.”

YouTube Link

Thanks, Owen!