Hey Jealousy: SimulSays Provides Apple-Like Visual Voicemail for Non-iPhone Users


Hot on the heels of the iPhone’s release comes SimulScribe’s SimulSays Beta, available for Blackberry owners (8800 series, Pearl, and Curve) and Windows Mobile users. SimulSays is a visual voicemail system much like Apple’s visual voicemail system. Instead of deleting or bypassing fifteen messages to get to an older message, your voicemails are laid out visually similar to your e-mail inbox.

As a Windows Mobile user, I’ve been looking for a quick and easy way to access my voicemail without having to actually go and check it every time I get a message. This service would be great for a guy like me, except for the fact that I couldn’t find anywhere on SimulSays’ site to download the Windows Mobile version.

After a little digging around, I found that going to mobile.simulsays.com from my phone allowed me to download the elusive Windows Mobile version. Installation was short and sweet and as I fired up the program, preparing to ditch my old-school voicemail system once and for all, I was greeted with a screen asking for my e-mail address and PIN number.

Heading back to the SimulSays website on my big-boy computer, I proceeded to sign up for an account so’s I could get me a PIN number. Do I want to pay to have my voicemail transcribed? No. What time zone am I in? Central. Who’s my provider? Spri–. No Sprint?! The only choices are Cingular/ATT and T-Mobile. So when SimulSays says that their service is available for Windows Mobile users, take that to mean Windows Mobile users who aren’t on Sprint or Verizon.

That’s a shame, too, because judging from all the testimonials and awards on the SimulScribe website, it looks like I’m missing out. If you’re one of the lucky few whose stars align perfectly from a carrier/equipment perspective, give SimulSays a whirl and see what all the fuss is about.

SimulSays [Beta] – www.SimulSays.com