HOW TO: Use Your iPhone Without Activation

Hickey’s video of the iPhone

I use T-Mobile, though I can leave anytime I want. But because of this, I’ve been debating heavily about the iPhone for months. Is it worth it? There’s no way I can even use it or try it out unless it’s activated? These questions have plagued me and now thanks to TUAW, I can put them to rest. Seems a workaround has been discovered that will basically turn your iPhone into a WiFi-enabled 6G iPod.

First thing, buy an iPhone. When you go home to activate it, take a brand new SIM card that has never been used and put it into the iPhone. If you don’t have one, just swing by a Cingular or T-Mobile and ask for one. Chances are they won’t care. Once you’re done, you won’t be able to do anything related to telecom/GPRS but your iPhone will be unlocked and ready to use. Sync it with iTunes, use the WiFi to use Safari and surf the web. Basically, it becomes an overpriced iPod with a pretty screen and web browsing. If that’s worth $499 or $599 to you, then more power to ya.

Tada! The 6th Gen contract-free WiFi-enabled iPod [TUAW]