Do you often find yourself digging through comments to find the best? Is your social life taking a back seat to reading feedback on our incredible posts? Do you suffer from depression due to lack of funny and interesting reader response? Not to worry dear reader, The Best Commenter Ever is here. We’ll find the best comments for you so that you can tear yourself away from the computer and enjoy the great outdoors.

Sascha‘s take on anti-Microsoft propaganda evoked a full five minutes of stifled giggles throughout CrunchGear HQ.

If you have an iPhone you probably don’t like Microsoft? Please, Peter, never ever draw first-grader-level conclusions like that again. Of those 700,000 iPhones sold a lot of them surely went to people that like, use, develop with (or maybe even for) Microsoft and their products. If your conclusion was true, maybe the following statements would also hold true:

– People with Windows Mobile phones don’t like Apple.
– People with cats don’t like dogs.
– People who run Windows on their MacBook Pros don’t like EITHER Microsoft OR Apple :-)

Scott warned his fellow readers about the limitations of DVR expanders.

I read about these “expanders” a couple years ago, and nearly bought one, until I actually read the limitations…

The external HD is mated to one specific box. You can’t unplug it from one box & watch it’s contents on another box, nor on a PC.

If your cable box shits the bed, the content on your external HD is useless; you’ll have to reformat it.

You can’t move content currently on your DVR onto the external HD.

I’m guessing that after you add the expander to your DVR, all future recordings are spread across both drives, so if you record a 2-hour movie, maybe the first 11 minutes are on the DVR’s HD, then the next 24 minutes are on the external HD, then the next chunk is on the DVR, etc., etc.

Ben shared his thoughts on the Fox-douchebaggery incident.

1) it’s a public sidewalk and the mascot has as much right to be there as the film crew. The fact that they work for a news organization and want to film something doesn’t mean they have the right to exclude or direct the activities of others.

2) It didn’t look like he was “messing with” the shoot. It looked like he was promoting the charity, just as the film crew was filming a story about the iphone – they just both happened to be doing it in the same area. After the news representative was exceptionally inappropriate and rude in asking the mascot to go away, the mascot stayed – a pretty normal reaction I would imagine.

3) As someone else mentioned, if the guy would have just been polite and acted like a civilized human being, there probably wouldn’t have been a problem.

4) Honestly, I find it disturbing that you view the media – especially some camera guy – as an authority figure to be obeyed.

Thanks for reading guys, keep up the good work!