PatentMonkey: Samsung's One-Push Cellular GPS Directions


Getting home, to a hotel or to a friend’s house in the wee hours may get easier thanks to Samsung’s new patented technology covering a means for transmitting directions from where you are to a desired destination location using your cell phone at the push of a button.

Let’s just say this feature is as smart as Facebook opening up a developer API platform. Some potential mash-up applications for this GPS feature after the jump…

Many cell phones have GPS tracking embedded in them. While players are exploring ways to use it for put-you-on-the-map features, Samsung developed a way to pull together where you are, and provide you directions in one step.

For details, the patent covers the concept of bringing up an address on your phone, holding a button activating the GPS for where you are and getting directions from where you are to where you want to be. That’s it.

So, mash-up services that could be built from this:
Plaxo selling a service to get off someone’s contact directory
Taco Bell, Starbucks, etc. vying to get on a someone’s contact directory

Many more for you to contemplate in the comments as well.