Welcome once more to your daily dose of reader response. The comments were a bit thin today what with the whole independence thing and all. All of the comments today were good but we picked out three which stood out above the rest. Also, another winner of the infamous CrunchDunce.

Jim pointed out that the “Zante” thing looked pretty fake.

The keyboard layouts definitely differ,being squared off in the photos,indented on the Ad. The numbers/letters on the keys in the Ad model are all wanked off to the left,some missing completely.

The flyer/ad looks rushed, or definitely not mega-corp slick listing many of the same features twice,and showing different codec support… Also, there is that white crackly line around the phone on the Ad Looks like bad photoshop.

It is a good looking gadget though. Would be nice to see these new features. Given the iPhone blitz, this could be a quick pre-emptive shot from Moto to keep some folks on the fence?

Mark won 2nd with his thoughts on the console wars.

I’ve come to realize that everything is different, and everything is creating something new that will help technology/gaming no matter what. So I can’t wait for E3 just to see what everyone is doing. Be it amazing graphics, amazing game play, or amazing innovation. Whatever it is, it’s a step forward and that benefits everyone.

Ed won 3rd with his comment on the Wii’s effect on the gaming market.

Im really annoyed that Nintendo fans are constantly marked as “fanboys”…but what I really wanted to get off my chest is if Nintendo didn’t opt for less graphics and new controls for cheap, wed have 3 consoles with great graphics, practically identical controllers and the only thing separated them would be game titles. (see ps2, xbox, GC) You should be greatful that Nintendo did what it did, even if you think the wii sucks. All the xbox360s and ps3s are just overclocked ps2s and xboxes, the only system that actually did anything new and innovative is the Wii. However, Blu-ray and 6 axis is a nice add on for ps3, but I mean you have to do more than update graphics or in a few generations there will be no difference at all between the big 3.

And finally, shadonin‘s attempt at insulting whoever his babble was aimed at went downhill pretty much after the first word. Excellent. The added hint of irony sealed the deal.

These pepoles lack of intelagence is truly amasing N64 have you been living in a cave resently