Great Outdoors: Geeky Golf Gadgets

Laser Guided PutterAh, Golf — the fickle mistress. She takes without asking. If you’re frustrated that you don’t get outside enough, why not get outside and frustrate yourself even further with a nice, aggravating round of golf?

As one of the most gimmick-heavy sports around, golf offers plenty of opportunities for a fool and his money to part ways. Here are a few golf gadgets that might help you step your game up a bit (or maybe just lighten your wallet).

Laser Guided Putter

There’s a fine line between lining up your putt correctly from twenty feet behind the ball and actually hitting the ball where you’re supposed to be aiming. Why not mod your favorite putter into a laser-guided pinseeker? You’ll win that $40 back in no time and/or look cool doing it.

Laser Guided Putting Trainer: $39.99

Sweet Spot GolfSweet Spot Finder

Gimmick? Maybe. Geeky, scientific gyrodoodad that most regular golfers have never heard of? Definitely. Plop your golf ball into this insulated coffee cup-looking apparatus and mark a line around the sweet spot as it rotates.

Golf Ball Sweet Spot Finder: $34.99

Golf SimulatorGolf Simulator

This gadget won’t get you out of the house, but it’s a good first baby-step for those of us who fear leaving the house for anything more than rations, supplies, and tin foil.

Sliding in a might-bit shy of the cost of a Nintendo Wii and Tiger Woods ’07, this golf simulator allows you to use your own golf clubs to play the PC version of Tiger Woods 2004 (2004?!!). I actually own this piece of equipment and can that it’s fun, especially in the winter. If you don’t have Tiger Woods for the Wii, then this is a damn fine alternative.

Make sure you have high ceilings, though. You’ll need to be able to unabashedly swing your clubs inside the house for this to work. Also, it does work with newer versions of the Tiger Woods series of golf games. I’ve not tested it with ’07 but I can confirm that it works with ’06.

PC Tour: $249.99

Golf Swing WatchSwing Analysis Watch

Geek-friendly Suunto records the tempo, rhythm, backswing length and club-head speed so you can see how well everything comes together on that 280-yard monster slice into the adjoining fairway. Plus, it tells time too.

Suunto G6 Golf Swing Watch: $399.95

Escalade Golf CartCadillac Escalade Golf Cart

This won’t help your golf game, but it might earn you some precious street-cred with the country club clique. It’s the perfect gadget for the geek that has it all (including too much money).

Berline Cadillac Escalade: $13,995 + $850 shipping

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