Slimmer, Lighter Chocolate For Summer

verizon-wireless-chocolate.jpgOh Verizon Wireless, this is how you fight back against the iPhone-and-AT&T-the-old-Cingular juggernaut? With two new LG Chocolate phones? For shame, Verizon, for shame. But, if you’ve got a contract you aren’t willing to break for a shiny new iPhone, there are worse options than picking up a Chocolate. And on July 9 you’ll have a choice of two new colors: Black Cherry and Blue Mint.

The new models are apparently “slimmer and sleeker” as well, and feature a vibrating touch keypad (for the ladies) and a special new Nav Wheel with Trace Motion lighting. But probably the best part — it’ll only set you back $99.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a new 2-year agreement. Much more reasonable than the cost of that “other” device if you’re only looking for a phone that doubles as a good music player.