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Once again Sascha has won our hearts with a comment regarding adorable kitties.

Did CG ever claim to be SFW?

I thoroughly enjoy all inappropriate comments about Vince’s mom, Josh’s porn addiction, and Nicholas’ drug problems accompanied by a series of screen-filling images and YouTube videos! If you want SFW, go to Engadget ;-)

In 2nd, ProfessionalGun told us what he thought of janky proprietary formats.

Sony’s undying attempts at getting a proprietary format to stick are supremely annoying. It’s clear to me that their entire business model hinges on the major market dominance of at least one format. Every product they put out there is nothing more than a trojan horse attempt to force you into one of their many formats. The PSP and the UMD format. . . the PS3 and Blu-Ray. . . digital cameras and the 1.5 million variations of memory sticks. . . freakin’ ATRAC3. . . .

At this point – I don’t even care which format is truly “better”. . . I just want the one that will allow the greatest flexibility. Not getting that from Sony, lately.

Sebastien Provencher‘s comment evoked a few sheepish giggles from the CG team.

“We’ll never walk away from UMD”… Famous last words. Sony is always good at those!

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