IM For The iPhone Ala Trillian Astra

The lack of IM on the iPhone was a huge deterrent for me other than the network it runs on as well as a few other features that weren’t included on the $500+ phone. But Cerulean Studios is pulling some overtime to get Trillian Astra for those users who braved the waters to be the first to have Apple’s latest wonder. So what’s going on with the Beta?

Currently the contact list and message windows are up and running. You can see the status of your contacts they update. You can send and receive messages in real-time, as long as your browser window is open. There is no need to move Windows (what a backward concept! :) ) around on the phone, as everything is compact and fit tight to the screen. This beauty is completed with a smooth and true-to-the-pixel user interface done right. This interface of Trillian Astra is designed for iPhone; it doesn’t just “happen to work” with it.

Cerulean is looking for testers, so hurry on over and sign up. If you’re a Mac user then you get a special treat.

One More Thing… [Cerulean Studios]