Old Crap-Ass Phones That Cost Way Too Much

FrillFreePhonesIf you’ve got too much money, loathe technology, and can’t stand the weird smell of your local GoodWill store, AbleCom will sell you a dumpy-ass old phone for way more than it’s worth.

Remember the old, white rotary phone that your grandma had hanging in the kitchen next to her ficus plants? All it takes is $49 and a pack of Benson and Hedges Ultralight 100’s and you’ll be connected to the old timey gossip network in no time.

Or maybe you’d prefer the rotary-dial handset that used to sit on the table next to Grandpa’s favorite scotch-soaked chair. It’ll set you back a measly $67.

Seriously, folks. There’s a fine line between old-school nostalgia and 1,000-percent markup. If you’re really into old phones, though, this might be a great site for you. But I mean really into old phones.