OpenDNS Honcho David Ulevitch Profiled in NYT

Would you buy DNS from this man? Well, you don’t have to.

We love us some OpenDNS . It’s useful — the new “short-cut” feature and pR0n blocking are great to keep us undistracted and working — its CEO, David Ulevitch, was a really cool guy. Plus the kid is only 25.

Well, John “The Animal” Markoff wrote all about him and his company. It’s a fairly in-depth look at a fairly boring topic that adds enough flair and personality to make it a good read.

The service also offers on-the-fly URL repair using search results based on broken URLs type in by users. When VeriSign tried to do this, the world was outraged. When a nice anthro major does it, he gets good press.

Fixing Typos by Web Users, Without Raising Hackles [NYTimes]