Riverside, CA Gets Muni Wi-Fi


I’m not sure how many CrunchGear readers are based in Riverside, CA, but if you are then you’ll find a nice surprise in the morning if you’re in the downtown area, near Hunter Technology Park or Adams Auto Center. Riverside will be AT&T’s first foray into Wi-Fi wireless broadband Internet service for municipal and public use.

The ad-supported free Wi-Fi currently covers thee-square miles and will eventually cover 55 square miles of beautiful Riverside with free and paid subscription services. The city’s police department will be testing the network to run video between patrol cars because they’ve grown weary of the cumbersome task of uploading video back at the station.

AT&T and MetroFi will be providing lower-income residents with free service, but a subscription-based service for the high-speed Internet access will also be made available at affordable rates of $7.99 a day and $15.99 a week.

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