College Humor Has Way Better Facebook Stats Than Comscore

facebookmom.pngEarlier this week, Comscore posted details about Facebook’s meteoric rise in users and their shift from posting drunken college photos to drunken post grad photos. College Humor has answered back with a study about what those people behind the statistics are doing.

They polled close to 26,000 students (1/1,000 of the users), finding out how many users actually read every book on their profile, or got laid thanks to Zuckerberg’s “social graph”. Here are some of the gems:

  • 65% have checked up on an ex boyfriend or girlfriend using Facebook.
  • 15.5% of men and 1.6% of women have “gratified themselves” to Facebook.
  • Zuckerberg helped 19.9% of men and 11.4% of women hookup.
  • 68.2% of women judged others while on Facebook. 61.9% of men cast stones.
  • 36.9% of women and 36% of men have considered quiting the service.
  • About 90% of men and women see using Facebook in the next year, while a third of each see themselves still using it in five