iRiver Clix 2 Gets Bumped to 8GB


Fans of the iRiver Clix series of flash-based digital audio players will be pleased to hear that they’re planning on shipping an 8GB model due this August.

The beefed-up version will be identical to the second generation Clix, save for red trim around the player and double the storage capacity.

The Clix 2 features a 2.2-inch AMOLED display, battery life good for 24 hours of audio or 5 hours of video, an FM tuner and voice recorder, Flash games, and plays nice with MP3, WMA (subscription and otherwise), OGG, WMV9, and MPEG4 formats.

The 4GB version is available now for just under $200. No word on pricing yet for the 8GB model, due in August.

iRiver Clix gets bumped to 8GB [Ubergizmo]