Nintendo Says "Bring It" in Response to PS3 Price Cut


Fight! Sony may have slashed the price of its PS3 yesterday by $100, but Nintendo isn’t worried at all. No, not only is Nintendo not worried, but it’s calling Sony out. Quoth the vice president George Harrison:

A $100 price drop won’t make a difference. Can Sony afford a $200 price drop? I don’t think so.”

I tend to err on the “$100 won’t make a difference” side, especially when you take into account that, right now, the PS3 has no exclusive games worth a damn. And while a $500 Blu-ray player is appealing, that new car smell is sure to wear off once you realize that, save for Planet Earth, the medium is being wasted. (Even worse, 300 for Blu-ray will pale in comparison to the HD DVD version.)

In closing, let’s wait until the first sales numbers come out before we all jump on the “Sony (still) sucks!” bandwagon. They’re just video game consoles, after all. No reason to get all bent out of shape.

PS3 price drop makes no difference, says Nintendo [Computerandvideogames via Next Gen]