Review: DLO's Dope iPhone Cases

photo_070707_002.jpgFor those not familiar with the great DLO, look at your iPod. If it’s got a case or a dock, chances are good that DLO made it. The company has more different types of iPod accessories than Apple itself, and most of them kick ass.

While I’m not one for trapping my electronics in cases myself, I know that I’m in the minority. Your iPod will get dropped, dirty, and damp, some protective armor of some sort is in order. And if you’re an iPhone user, then protecting your fragile investment is important, and DLO has you covered, too.

I took two of DLO’s iPhone cases out with me this last weekend to BBQs and other fun, and they held up great. The Luxury Leather Case with Belt Clip is perfect for the khaki’s and blue-shirt set, it has enough style that you don’t look like a tourist, but gives you easy access to your YouTube-playing, iTunes syncing friend.


What I really liked though was the Silicone Case with Headset Management. It’s a condom that’s perfect for those who use their pockets to carry their gear. It protected the iPhone perfectly from moderate falls, allowing it to gently bounce to a rest on its back, where the real fun is.


DLO has been using this type of headphone system on its iPod cases for a few months now, so it was only natural that it includes it here. By virtue of the softness of silicone (yes, I did just type that), the case has a neat pyle to wrap your headset’s cables around, with earbud pockets for the ends. It’s elegant and simple, and moreover it just works.

The management platform adds a negligible increase to the overall thickness of the iPhone, and when you consider the added protection, the value stacks up. If you’ve made the folly and bought yourself an iPhone before it’s ready for prime time, at least get one of these cases to keep it in good shape till the good stuff comes down.

DLO iPhone Cases [Product Page]