YouTube Coming to Euro LG Handsets

lg2.jpgOne thing many of us CruchGear staffers have in common is our love of the Helio Ocean. Another is the untreatable version of measles, but that’s a different post. What we like about the Helio Ocean, besides it being kickass all around, is the new ability to shoot video and upload it directly to YouTube. For us bloggers, there’s no easier way to get our media up.

LG knows this, and has partnered with Google to bring the European market the SGH-L760 with the same YouTubey features. The handset has very similar features to the Ocean, notably the 2-Megapixel camera, with a YouTube-native 320×240 video capture mode. Not sure if it’ll make its way to the states, but this 3G GSM phone would fit right in with AT&T’s video assault.

Samsung Youtube Phone SGH-L760 [i4u]