CozyBug: The eBay for Big Stuff

cozybuglogo.pngCozyBug launched today. It is best summed up as an eBay for big stuff. It’s meant for large items that people often sell locally because they’re too big to ship or are used and need in person inspection. Sellers get a mini virtual web storefront, and have the option to advertise their storefronts throughout the site.

The site doesn’t support shipping goods and is meant to replace local business classified advertising. They say it’s ideal for “antique stores, second-hand furniture stores, local car dealerships, flea market vendors, and small businesses that do not have websites.”

Listings cost $1.00, include up to four images and last 30 days. Premium listings cost $2.00, but include four images and the option of uploading two additional images for $1.00 each. Virtual storefronts cost $5.00. New registrants get one store and listing for free.

The company was formed in late 2002, and I can’t help but think they were coaxed into launching by the entrance of eBay’s Kijiji into the market. Both are taking on the large incumbent Craigslist. While Kijiji is essentially Craigslist, CozyBug differentiates itself by adding storefronts.

CozyBug has a tough road to plough if they want to be a localized eBay. They’re up against LiveDeal and sandwiched between Craigslist, which serves the “garage sale” crowd, and eBay, which serves local businesses looking to scale their business internationally. They also face a growing local advertising market that helps local businesses generate sales based on search terms.