Google Mashing Up Maps Mashups

You can use the mapplet to find local gas prices

Let’s face it. Google Maps is really good. It’s so good, that over 50,000 people have created their own personal versions of Google’s mapping service. You can check gas prices, find a Starbucks and even find cheap beer all by using Google Maps. mashed up with user data. Now Google is taking advantages of what developers have created by launching a new service for My Maps called “mapplets.”

The service encourages developers to create “mapplets” that users can add to their Google Maps profile to find local results easily. One of the coolest features will be the ability to overlay multiple mapplets on top of each other. This means if you’re trying to find an apartment via Craigslist that’s near a Burger King, you can just load up a couple mapplets and be done with all your searching. Google never ceases to amaze. Sometimes with the big, other times with the small.

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