LG VX8550: The Chocolate Strikes Again, Does Better This Time


Verizon Wireless have no reason for iPhone envy now that the new version of the LG Chocolate is here, the LG VX8550. LG listened to our numerous complaints regarding the original Chocolate’s lame touch-sensitive buttons and has replaced the navigation “buttons” with a click wheel-like interface. So no more swearing up and down to get the phone to cooperate. Other improvements include a standard 2.5mm audio jack, smart MP3 playback software (think T9 but for searching your library of MP3s) and it’s lighter in weight than its predecessor. Unfortunately, LG still insists on having a 1.3-megapixel camera in there. Don’t they know that 2-megapixel cameras are the new black?

To be honest, all LG had to do was get rid of that touch nonsense and the Chocolate would’ve been a fine, if not basic, cellphone. Now that it’s done that, I see no reason to continue to hate on it. ‘Grats, LG.

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