SIA Summer Snowdown 2007: A Quick Session With Sessions


Sessions is from the old school, circa 1983, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to action sports gear. So pay attention. They’ve teamed up with RECCO, Skullcandy and Gore-Tex to bring you, the consumer, the best gear your hard earned dollars can buy. The SSC Co-op jacket, pictured above, has an integrated Skullcandy mp3 player sleeve switch that hooks up with, you guessed it, your mp3 player. While this particular jacket doesn’t have a ‘Surround sound collar’, other jackets in Sessions’ Skullcandy line do. d3o also makes an appearance in Sessions’s Thermatics base layer top and bottom. And don’t forget about RECCO because it’s all over the Summit Series.

A close up of the controls on the SSC Co-op jacket

Softshell Skullcandy Hoody with Surround sound collar


This particular jacket was designed by Swedish artist Amanda Mendiant for B4BC (Boarding For Breast Cancer), which inspired the B4BC campaign: Know Yourself. All donations from Sessions to B4BC are in memory of Lynne Long.

“I feel that the illustration on this Sessions B4BC jacket visually illustrates the importance of protecting and taking care of your breasts in a humoristic, feminine and punkish way.”