SIA Summer Snowdown 2007: Hands On With Orage


I took a few minutes to talk to the folks at Orage and I’m glad that I did. The gear coming out of the Canadian Ski outfit is cutting edge and stylish. Team Rider TJ Schiller’s custom jacket is decked out with some neat features that let you stash your goods instead of lugging around a pack or renting out a locker. There’s enough room in the front zip for just about anything you’d need to take with you. The design alone makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd, half-tweed is pretty rock star and I dig it. All of Orage’s jackets come with the standard features you’ve grown accustomed to from other ski jackets like a snow skirt, being water proof and fully breathable, but Orage has some little tricks you might like and not find elsewhere.


What you have here is typical of Orage jackets in that they have internal straps, so you can ‘backpack’ around your jacket if you get too hot. They also have full face masks that tuck into the inside of the jacket in case the weather turns nasty and you need to protect your face from wind burn, etc. Another minute feature I liked was the use of magnets for top buttons instead of buttons. I don’t know why I like it, but I do, so deal with it. :)