Now it’s time for three comments from today that stood ever so slightly above all the rest. Congratulations mroach, Leo, and David! Your nimble fingers and keen attention to updated RSS feeds have earned each of you a brief blip in the limelight.

mroach doesn’t say much but when he does speak, the world listens.

It’s spelled ‘Vodafone’

You merely said what we were all thinking. Well crafted, sir.

Leo follows up with a little word trickery, replacing a common expletive with a funnier common expletive. The expletive in and of itself isn’t necessarily funny outside of the context of teh komment but as you can see below, the context is key.

“the internets made me a stupid.” This is ass.

You, sir, have forever changed how I shall read the word “ass” from this day forward. I will now think of you every time it escapes my quivering lips. Kudos and thank you in advance for the memories. You, dear Leo, are not ass.

Finally, David closes down the show with a complaint about complaining.

Complaints, complaints that’s all I ever hear and yet MS releases OS’s with no support and with nothing working then comes back with a service packs and hot fixes and add-ons.. Iphone came with everything installed and it all works.. Wow and now you’re complaining that it shoulda coulda had something else. If you don’t like the Iphone go and get a Windows Mobile device and see what is missing.. I think this list is cool and looking forward to all of the options that it offers, but without them the phone is still way better than and Mobile Windows or Palm device.

The irony is not lost on me, kind sir. As someone who’s trying to post this assy post from a tethered Windows Mobile device, I can safely and wholeheartedly endorse David’s advice.