iPods Can Kill

…provided you’re hiding under a tree in a thunderstorm and, freakishly, lightning hits you instead of the tree and runs down the length of the iPod earbuds and blows out your ear drums and blows up your iPod. I mean, otherwise, you’re fine.

Apparently a 37-year-old jogger in British Columbia (is that even a place?) got hit by a bolt of lightning resulting in severe burns. There is no evidence that he was hit by lighting because he was wearing an iPod and, as I recall, the Mythbusters showed that having metal attached to your body, in their case piercings, neither encouraged nor discouraged electricity from ramming itself straight up yer pooper. However, I’d be curious to find out what would have happened if he had been wearing a Zune?

Don’t jog with your iPod in a thunderstorm [Machinist]