Samsung Launching 3rd Gen Blu-ray Players

samsung bluray

Samsung’s getting set to launch two new Blu-ray players — the BD-P2400 and the BD-P1400.

Each player will feature native support for 24 frames per second playback, which Samsung claims will greatly reduce the amount of digital artifacts since movies are also filmed at 24 frames per second. The players will also support 60 frames per second to ensure compatibility with your HDTV setup.

The only difference between the two models is that the BD-P2400 will contain an extra video processing chip to up-convert older titles to 720p, 1080i, and 1080p. Samsung’s calling this feature Hollywood Quality Video, or HQV. The BD-P1400 will upconvert DVD titles too, it just won’t have the fancy-pants HQV chip.

Finishing off the BD-P2400’s expansive feature list, the built-in Hollywood Quality Video(HQV) processor, a powerful unit similar to those used by Hollywood production studios, enables true 1080i to 1080p HD de-interlacing for the best HD images possible — even from DVD formats. It is a great option to ensure full optimization of HD and non HD libraries.

The BD-P1400 will be available in October for $549. The BD-P2400 will hit stores a month later for $649.

Samsung Press Release (PDF File)