Welcome To The Social, Now Pay Up Sucka


In what has to be the worst patent idea ever, is it any surprise that it comes from Redmond? The Zune is an obsolete device and I can say that with confidence because if it were to take off and be a major player then it would have happened in fair Gotham. I’ve only seen a handful of people joining ‘the social’ and I’ve never seen two Zunes in one place. So how are people expected to make money off of this new patent?

Utilizing the Wi-Fi that remains dormant until you accidentally activate it will transfer tunes as it should, but after the third play you’ll be prompted to purchase the song. If you choose to do so then the socialite who sent it to you will get a few cents while the Zune Marketplace and copyright holder will be rolling in the dough. It also works with ‘pirated’ music where the transaction will make it a legal MP3. Nice try, Microsoft.

Paid Zune Sharing: Patent Pending [Zune Scene]