AirDrives $100 Sound-(un)Isolating Headphones


This is gonna be interesting to watch. AirDrives is releasing a pair of $100 headphones that you can wear while watching TV, talking on the phone, and/or whispering sweet nothings to neighbors or loved ones. So while many people might pay $100 for headphones that block out all of life’s distracting noises, these ones cost $100 to let them back in.

If the audio quality is up to snuff, then these could be a good option for worrisome parents (the kids headphones cost $70) and workout buffs. For everyday use (and by “everyday use” I mean sitting at your desk trying to avoid talking to your coworkers) people might be better off putting the money toward some good noise-canceling cans.

If I were AirDrives, I would position these as workout headphones instead of “a wide-open sound experience that enables listeners to tune into life while enjoying their favorite music, eliminating the need to choose between music and social interaction.” Nobody likes the dude who keeps his earphones on while everyone’s hanging out. Let’s not encourage him. Review coming soon.

AirDrives™ New Hybrid Earphones with InAir™ Technology [Press Release]