Q-Bean: Go to the Website, Trust Me

qbset1.jpgThe Q-Bean is some sort of wireless audio transmiting device that consists of a Windows/Linux/Mac compatible dongle and a little bean-shaped thing. How does it work? You plug in the dongle, it starts to transmit to the bean, and you can even use it as a microphone. You listen to the audio through a headset attached to the bean. According to the website, the Q-Bean is cool and you can clip it to your belt. It uses:

LTB’s proprietary ARIO wireless technology, a true digital uncompressed technique that solves the interference problem often encountered in the 2.4 GHz wireless band. This advanced RF technology delivers a robust non-compressed CD-quality audio signal that has a range of up to 150 feel (line of sight) and uses a secure pairing synchronization to insure a one to one connection. The ARIO wireless technology is similar to Bluetooth but also is quite adaptable and does not interfere with other media devices. This advanced wireless technology will provide zero latency voice communication.

So it’s kind of like a mini headset thing. And it’s wireless. And its website is so annoying that it may cause rickets. Available now for $129.95. A mono version is available for $119.95, but why would you want a mono version?

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