It is with great pleasure that I bring you three comments from the past 24 hours or so that may or may not be funny. Humor is subjective. Congrats Johnal, Yoshi, and Arik! You’ve written what may very well be three great comments.

Johnal alludes to talking out of his a-hole, except that he says “wii hole” instead which, if scrutinized closely enough, might be taken to mean that he’s actually talking out of his urethra. Ouch! That’s a pretty tiny hole.

I camped out for a wii when it was first released so I haven’t really followed the wii’s demand vey closely since then. I wonder if they already have a second generation wii in production and they are trying to avoid having a surplus of leftover first generation wii’s? I dunno… i’m talkin’ out of my wii hole right now.

Unlike the jolly dinosaur from Super Mario World, this Yoshi‘s being a smirk-inducing crabapple. Good for you, guy!

Ok. This has got to stop. We get it. iPhone has a web browser. I own one – i can see that clearly when I turn the damn thing on.

And finally, kudos to Arik for being the voice of reason amidst all the panic about Safari’s font rendering suckage. Some would argue that browsers should be free to decide how and when they render fonts. Others would say that rendering begins at login.

Omg…would everyone just calm down. Its font-rendering, not abortion!

There you have it. Keep up the relatively great commenting!